Ras Makonnen’s statue was placed in city of Harar, Ethiopia, in 1958, and 
destroyed by hooligans in 2020. (Photo: Equestrian statues by Gerard Huber)

Suppose a citizen intends to be candid and fair-minded. In that case, it will be essential to pay attention to conversations like Ras Mekonnen's statue, which hooligans destroyed in 2020, and the government's inability to repair it after two years.


This paper is partly driven by a recent case of hate speech uttered by an Oromo student at Harvard University (1). In this speech, the student encouraged the Oromo youth to ’eat up the Amhara flesh and drink their blood’ and then implied that such actions are energizing and, indeed, can even make you smarter. (2)

Deliberate Destruction of Museum, Hospitals, Schools, and Hotels. (2)

Haile Selassie The Pillar of a Modern Ethiopia