Ethiopian human rights activists, left to right (Addis Solomon, Yodith Gideon, Worku Teshome, and Yesuf Mohammed)

The United Nations in Geneva convened a conference to hear commitments to improve the pressing humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia.

Amidst the proceedings, Ethiopian activists disrupted the assembly by drawing attention to the ongoing massacre and human rights violations within the country.

Yodith Gideon, a prominent advocate from Stop Amhara Genocide, along with Addis Solomon, Worku Teshome, and Yesuf Mohammed, who are Fano activists, have been tirelessly working to raise awareness globally and halt the Amhara genocide in Ethiopia. Fano is a civilian group formed to fight against the Ethiopian government, which has been accused of committing genocide against the Amhara citizens. 

The protest at the meeting was intended to bring awareness to global leaders who are pledging funds to prolong the atrocities in Ethiopia by indirectly supporting the government to continue the massacre of targeted Amhara citizens expressing dissent against the PM Abiy Mohamed regime. 

The conflict that erupted in November 2020 between the federal government and the forces under the Tigray People's Liberation Front has led to the deaths of some estimates over a million, widespread famine affecting millions, and the displacement of over four million people.

Multiple international bodies, including the United Nations, European Union, and the United States, as well as numerous mainstream media outlets, have accused the Ethiopian government, under Prime Minister Abiy's leadership, of war crimes, the targeting of civilians, and exacerbating starvation.

Radical Oromo factions, allegedly supported by elements within the state, have been implicated in heinous acts such as the massacre of clergy members and extrajudicial killings. A Reuters documentary exposed the atrocities committed by the so-called "killer squad" known as Koree Nageenyaa.

According to UNOCHA, as of October 2023, an estimated 4.6 million people across Ethiopia's twelve regions have been displaced, with over half enduring displacement for more than five years, as reported by IOM-DTM site assessments.

In response to the humanitarian crisis, out of the $1 billion required to respond to the humanitarian needs, a total of $630 million in pledges towards humanitarian aid has been made by twenty-one countries. Leading the pledges are the United States with $253 million, followed by the United Kingdom with 100 million pounds ($124.58 million), and the European Union with $46.6 million.

The activists advocate for global awareness and the crises in Ethiopia can only be resolved through the establishment of peace and security within the country and not through multilateral aid. 

Concerned Ethiopians commend these patriotic Ethiopians for their brave actions in raising the grave issues of human rights violations and atrocities affecting Ethiopians to this august body. We also urge all Ethiopians to help with all efforts to protect Ethiopians from any violations of their inalienable rights.

By Concerned Ethiopians

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