The Nobel Prize medal. (Photo: Nobel Prize Foundation by Alexander Mahmoud)

Board of Directors
The Nobel Foundation
P.O. Box 5232, SE-102 45 Stockholm, Sweden
Street address: Sturegatan 14, Stockholm


Dear Nobel Prize Foundation Directors,

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in Ethiopia in 2018 after an internal power shift triggered by massive discontent and unrest. As soon as he came to power, he made surprisingly popular measures like freeing up political prisoners and journalists, inviting opposition parties in exile, and promising to reform ethnic-based politics and unify the country. He made peace with the neighboring Eritrea, where a 20-year no-peace-no-war standoff was present. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 due to these actions that he was able to implement in record time.   

Ethiopians hailed him as their new leader and thought he would lead the country on a new path. What Ethiopians and the world noticed right after the time he got the award shocked the conscience. He quickly began to crack down on dissent and jailed opposition party leaders, journalists, and human rights activists. He launched a civil war, and according to the UN's estimate, one million Ethiopians perished. He launched the attack on one ethnic group, the Tigrayans, and human atrocities that can be considered one of the worst in the history of the world were witnessed. Genocide was committed against the Tigrayans, Amhara, and Afar people, who were the primary focus of his ethnic cleansing campaign. Sexual atrocities include the raping of mothers in front of their children, mass murders and mutilation, and torturing and starving a population as a means of war. All these atrocities are recorded and documented. Many international media have covered the human rights crisis in Ethiopia in detail for five years.

Finally, after two years of genocidal war, where one million people perished and unimaginable destruction to the country's infrastructures, the Prime Minister was forced to declare ceasefires and negotiate a truce. This resulted from the outcry and pressure of governments worldwide, including Norway, where Nobel prizes are held. The agreement has fallen short of the Ethiopians' satisfaction.

While this truce is not yet fully implemented, PM Abiy Ahmed has launched another genocidal war on the Amhara people, one of the largest ethnic groups in Ethiopia. In the past several months, Abiy Ahmed has engaged in drone attacks and heavy artillery power, indiscriminately killing thousands of innocent civilians, children, women, and the elderly. 

Ethiopia, and quite frankly, the world, had never seen such a war-monger brutal dictator who is hell-bent on ethnic dominance and will go to any distance to accomplish his extremist ideology. He is in the ranks of Hitler and other notorious dictators that history will never forget. His minister of peace recently called him a "bloodthirsty monster." Heritage sites, churches, and mosques are destroyed and vandalized. Foreign diplomats with diplomatic immunities were arrested and beaten by the government authorities (African Development Bank has ordered their international staff to leave the country). We can go on and on.

Our plight:

How did we all fall into this person's cunning methods? This is what Ethiopians are asking themselves. He had the world under his spell by saying the right words and doing the right things until suddenly; he felt that he had solidified his power enough to begin implementing his evil plans. We are sure the Nobel Prize board members are feeling the same buyer's remorse that the people of Ethiopia are feeling. We know the Nobel Prize team has never rescinded an award, even though awardees may have behaved contrary to the ideals post-award. But this is different. This individual is a genocidal maniac who is determined to slaughter millions more! Understandably, you may be hesitant about setting a precedent of revocation of the award due to Article 10 of the statute of the Nobel Foundation.

Regardless, saying nothing in this situation will leave a dark mark on this prestigious institution. When news media report his evil deeds, they prefix their news with "the Nobel Peace Prize laureate." He has made a mockery of this coveted prize and prestigious institution. The board needs to keep the integrity of this prize and institution.

At this juncture, a strong statement that his behaviors and actions are in contradiction with the ideals of the Nobel Prize should be issued by the board. This would set the tone that future awardees should not behave in such cunning and contradictory behavior. We also recommend revising the foundation statute, to protect the institution’s prestige. Please do the right and brave thing to preserve the sanctity of this institution, even though it is difficult.


By Concerned Ethiopians (CE)

Deliberate Destruction of Museum, Hospitals, Schools, and Hotels. (2)