His Holiness Abune Mathias _ peace His Holiness Abune Mathias (Photo credit : EOTC media)

His Holiness Abune Mathias, Patriarch of Ethiopia, has issued a resounding call to action, urging Ethiopia's elders to rise to their noble responsibility without hesitation.

It is imperative that they fully embrace their vital role as agents of reconciliation and mediation. The time has come for them to exercise their wisdom and guide the younger generation towards a path of harmony and unity.

Their pivotal role demands unwavering commitment to advising and reconciling the nation, while championing the cause of enduring peace.

The stark lessons drawn from the tragic sacrifices of countless young lives in the throes of a relentless and devastating conflict must not go unheeded. Those embroiled in conflicts must lay down their arms without delay, making a deliberate choice to elevate peace and reconciliation above all else. This is an unequivocal necessity for the very survival of our cherished nation. We beseech the government to demonstrate its benevolence by orchestrating a collective dialogue that encompasses all perspectives.

Furthermore, a fervent plea is extended to the Ethiopian diaspora, urging them to steadfastly continue their tireless efforts in the pursuit of peace. The somber reality of fellow countrymen suffering amidst turmoil demands a steadfast response, one that goes beyond mere passive observance.

In the international arena, His Holiness calls upon the global community to lend an attentive ear to Ethiopia's plight and to actively contribute towards the restoration of tranquility in regions plagued by conflict. The imperative for international support is underscored by the magnitude of the challenge at hand.

With a united voice of reason, His Holiness implores all parties involved to halt the insidious encroachment of this crisis into the next year. A peaceful transition into the forthcoming new year is the aspiration, one that requires collective commitment.

Let the clarion call for peace resonate with all its might, emanating from the very depths of our hearts. The days of needless bloodshed must be relegated to the archives of history, supplanted by the triumphant proclamation of peace.

Let our land find consolation and break from violence.


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