Open Letter to Boeing Executives from Concerned Ethiopians.


To Mr. Brian Besanceney
Chief Communications Officer
Senior Vice President, Communications
Boeing Company


Dear Mr. Besanceney:

It has come to our attention that the Boeing company has allegedly been contacted by the Ethiopian government regarding its planned takeover of the Ethiopian Airlines Cargo business by the Chinese government. If this is a fact, we Ethiopians would like to voice our opinion before it is too late. 

Ethiopian Airlines has been one of the successful flagship carriers in Africa and the world for many decades. Part of its success is embedded in the fact that it has been relatively free of political pressure from previous ruling governments. They have respected its autonomy in conducting its operation and developing its long-term goals. As such, the airline has been profitable, playing a significant role in the country’s economy. Ethiopia is currently undergoing a crisis that is unique in its history. It is now fast becoming the ground zero of ethnic-based genocide, displacement of its people, and a faltering economy. This crisis is being steered by the current government’s imposition of ethnic dominance rule, using extermination and strategic elimination of ethnic groups other than its own. It is against this backdrop that the government, for its survival, elected to hand over the Ethiopian Airlines Cargo business to China for temporary relief of economic stress. It is not an exaggeration to say that the administration is tethering to a breakdown.

We are humbly requesting the Boeing Corporation to make a note of the following essential points:

1. This move of handing over the Cargo Business to the government of China is going to significantly impact Ethiopian Airline’s revenue and puts its solvency in question.

2. This move is motivated by gaining short-term hard currency to keep the government in power. The Ethiopian government is being strangled out of power by the people revolting, the lack of hard currency and lack of basic needs. The regime has stooped so low to stealing humanitarian aid food and selling it outside its borders for a few dollars. U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and World Food Program (WFP) recently suspended their relief operation due to this corruption.

3. This alleged measure taken on the Airline by the Ethiopian government is being rejected by the Ethiopian people, who are taking notes on who is complacent with this action. The incoming government, when the current one is removed, may not honor this arrangement as it was done against the best interests of the country and by a dying regime.

4. Boeing should consult Mr. Girma Wake, a renowned aviation leader who served in many African and Middle Eastern airlines. Mr. Girma Wake has recently resigned from his Chairman of the Ethiopian Airlines Board of Directors position noting a ‘difference of opinion between the government and the management’.

Suppose indeed the news from different anonymous sources is accurate, and Boeing has been approached for approval of the takeover plan, we urge you to examine the action and reject the takeover. We know Boeing cares for Ethiopian Airlines as it has been its partner since its inception. Financially, it will be in Boeing’s best interest for Ethiopian Airlines to stay afloat so that Boeing corp.  shareholders’ interest is well protected.  

Cautionary note: The Ethiopian government and the airline had recently issued a statement that there is no such intent. Regardless, it is not the first time that the Ethiopian government denies factual realities or the process may still be in the making.  



Concerned Ethiopians     


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