A global call for the AU, Canada, US and EU to label Africa’s Monstrous Terrorist Group, Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) as a Terrorist Organization.

The intent of this activism effort is to stop OLA from killing innocent Civilians and end its use of terror to achieve politically undefined, anarchic, gangster-like terrorist actions. Therefore, Concerned Ethiopians call on like-minded Ethiopian individuals and organizations to get OLA designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. Department of State. The endorsing organizations, together with Ethiopian Advocacy groups and individuals, would prepare comprehensive data on OLA terrorist acts.

Information gathered and shared by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (See Link Here) and the Amhara Association of America (See Link here) are good sources that would help compile updated OLA terrorist acts. We shall then contact the U.S. Department of State to get OLA designated as an FTO. In addition, a concurrent effort will be made to contact The African Union, European Union, and Canada to designate OLA as a terrorist organization by these governments and unions.

We call on all U.S., Canada and European citizens of Ethiopian origin and their friends to contact their representatives and follow up on what their government is doing to designate OLA as a terrorist organization.


Whether Ethiopians resolve their political differences through a National Dialogue, power-sharing agreement, or elections is up to them since those are all peaceful means to achieve political goals. Designating OLA as a Terrorist Organization will make OLA leaders, members, and supporters accountable for terrorizing and massacring innocent civilians and engaging in ethnic cleansing. If OLA chooses to continue its path of terrorism, then it will pay the political price by losing its relevance and eventually reach its demise.

OLA has brutally ended the lives of many innocent civilians, and as a consequence of its horrific acts, it must get ostracized. Furthermore, any individual who is a member of OLA or belongs to any organization and is complicit in terrorist acts must also be held accountable for their crimes.

OLA may realize the political price for violence is universal condemnation. In addition, our action may force OLA to rethink and abandon its strategy of ethnic violence and fomenting animosity between Oromos and Amharas. But most of all, if the life of one Ethiopian is saved by our actions, then our efforts are worthwhile.


Click here - To read full statement and data related to FATALITIES/INJUREIES 


Endorsed by the following Organizations:

People to People - P2P

American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee – AEPAC

Concerned Ethiopians - CE

Ethio-Canadian Network for Advocacy and Support – ECNAS


Ethiopian American Civic Council - EACC

Ethiopian Advocacy Network - EAN

Global Ethiopian Scholars Initiative – GESI

Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Association Network - WE-CAN

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