Widespread abuses against civilians in the western part of Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have charged in a new report.

The crimes were perpetrated by security officials and civilian authorities from the neighboring Amhara region, sometimes "with the acquiescence and possible participation of Ethiopian federal forces," the rights groups say in the report released Wednesday.

The abuses are “part of a widespread and systematic attack against the Tigrayan civilian population that amount to crimes against humanity as well as war crimes," the report says.

Ethiopian federal authorities strongly refute allegations they have deliberately targeted Tigrayans for violent attacks. They said at the outbreak of the war in Nov. 2020 that their objective was to disarm the rebellious leaders of Tigray.

Ethiopian authorities said Wednesday that they are “carefully examining” allegations in the rights groups' report. While the report has “ideas that are not useful for any peace effort, the government will reaffirm its determination to investigate all human rights violations and make public the results,” said a statement from the Government Communication Service.

Source: AP by Rodney Muhumuza

To Read Amnesty International full report: Click here


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