Amhara Popular Front (APF) - Press Release.

Even if we Amharas are in an existential struggle against the extermination campaign waged on us, the Amhara Popular Front (APF) is deeply disturbed by three shocking revelations that have recently come to light.

The first pertains to leaked videos and pictures that exposed the abhorrent conditions in which Amhara detainees are incarcerated, resembling Nazi-style concentration camps. These recordings reveal the inhumane and cruel treatment of the malnourished inmates, which is unthinkable in the 21st century. Furthermore, the presence of numerous Amhara children in these makeshift concentration camps reminiscent of Auschwitz is truly disturbing.

The second revelation, reported by Asharq Al-Awsat on September 11, 2023, highlights the struggle of Yemeni security officials to manage a clash between migrants resulting from the Ethiopian government's refusal to allow Amhara and Tigrayan migrants to return home. This paints a bleak picture of an apartheid-like regime led by Abiy Ahmed Ali, which profiles its citizens based on their ethnicity and bars them from returning to their own country.

Adding to our distress, we recently learned about the callous murder of the president of the Amhara Physicians Association Dr. Yonas Ayenew. He was detained by regime security agents while working at Paulos Hospital, where he was a sub-specializing resident. This heinous act fills us with sadness and sorrow.

In light of these deeply concerning developments, the APF urgently calls upon the international community to take action. We implore them to initiate immediate investigations into the conditions and human rights of all detainees in concentration camps across the country. Furthermore, we request that a statement be issued unequivocally condemning the cruel and inhumane treatment of Amhara detainees based solely on their identity. The dossier containing evidence should be forwarded to relevant United Nations agencies to enable legal and political action.

Moreover, we urge the pertinent United Nations agencies to clarify the conditions faced by Amhara migrants in Yemen and facilitate their prompt repatriation. Additionally, we strongly call on the UN to investigate and hold accountable the fascist regime authorities responsible for preventing Amharas from returning home solely due to their ethnicity.

Finally, we condemn the tragic death of the young and talented Dr. Yonas and urge the international community to thoroughly investigate this cold-blooded crime. A public statement should be issued, identifying, and persecuting those regime agents who ordered and executed this appalling act against one of our nation's treasures.

The APF stands united in its extreme outrage at the inhumane and cruel actions perpetrated by the regime. We urge that the international community to respond swiftly and decisively to address these grave violations of human rights and ensure justice for the victims.

Source: Amhara Popular Front (APF)


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